Volterman, Smart Wallet

A wallet this smart is just plain illegal.

– Considered as the world’s most powerful wallet, it has 5 smart functions which include a built-in power bank, distance alarm, global GPS tracking, worldwide Wi-Fi hotspot, and a thief detection camera.

– Although it has multiple tech components inside, Volterman Smart Wallet was built from premium quality materials which still makes it handy because it remains slim and lightweight. It’s still a wallet despite it being more like a gadget.

Grab a hold of this revolutionary wallet made by award winning designers and engineers. Volterman has a built-in Powerbank with capacities of 2,000 up to 5,000 mah that should be good enough to fully charge your drained smart phone while you’re moving. Its Distance Alarm System notifies you with an alarm when you’ve left your wallet or your phone behind. The Worldwide GPS Tracking and Thief Detection Camera features are unique to its kind, as well as the Global WiFi hotspot which ensures that you have access to the internet wherever you travel.

New Atlas has branded Volterman’s Smart Wallet as the latest attempt to keep the wallet relevant in the 21st century and it’s not hard to see why it should do well in doing so. It comes in different designs, sizes, and prices so make sure that you choose which one fits you best. There are also other customization options to choose from such as engraving your initials on it, a wireless charger, and a trackable passport cover among others that it could gain as Volterman continues the evolution of its Smart Wallets.

Join the smart wallet revolution by getting yours today via Indiegogo.

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