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Top 11 Geeky Halloween Decorations That You Should Have

geeky halloween products

Top 11 Geeky Halloween Decorations That You Should Have – Because Michael Myers is coming for you!

Joker Ground Breaker Halloween Decoration

joker groundbreaker halloween decoration

If the Joker isn’t scary enough, wait till he pops out from below. Stop fooling around and get this from Amazon!

Freddy Krueger Halloween Wreath

freddy krueger wreath

Wreaths are usually for Christmas but Freddie has some other plans. Spend the Halloween on Elm’s Street by getting this from Etsy today.

Atmos FX Halloween Projector

atmos fx projector

If you have a knack for scaring people with moving things, this is a definite must have for you. It’s yours from Amazon for just 200 bucks!

Horror Movie Garden Gnomes

horror movie garden gnomesWanna keep some pesky kids off your lawn? These are the gnomes you’re looking for then. Gotta make them yours now by grabbing them from Etsy!

Screaming Face Pillow

screaming face pillow

“Did somebody just sit on Robert’s face?”

Scare the living shiz out of someone with this surprisingly spooky pillow inspired by the movie “Scream”.  Another crazy idea that our nasty friends from Etsy came up with.

3D Printed Frankenstein Light Switch Plate

Relive the classic way of how everything started for Dr. Frankenstein and his mad experiment. Be the mad scientist today by getting your hands on these from Etsy.

Bloody Bath Mat

Bored of seeing a clean mat after taking a shower? There’s no harm in getting bloody sometimes. Grab these custom mat from Amazon and change your outlook in life!

Zombie Head Lollipops

You will be wondering how something so scary could be this delicious after consuming these zombie-inspired lollipops. Scare those trick-or-treat kids before making them happy with the help of Etsy today!

Skeleton Wiper Tag Decal

skeleton wiper tag decal

Because every once in a while, a skeleton has to keep your windshield dry. One of our fancy ideas here at SUATMM that you should have!

Zombie Head Cookie Jar

zombie head cookie jar

There are no brains in there. Just some yummy cookies to keep you happy this Halloween. Be scared yet happy by purchasing this from Amazon now!

Brain Specimen Coasters

brain specimen coastersWhat’s nicer than a coaster? One that has brain samples in it. Put your mug above your head by getting these creative coasters from Amazon.

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