Top 10 Gifts for Guitar Players

top 10 gifts for guitar players


Top 10 Gifts for Guitar Player – Can we serenade you, Señorita? Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, and the person you’re going to give these gifts to. Yeah, we want you to make a loved one feel like they are one of the best guitar players that ever existed. Here are 10 gifts that you should be giving them to make them feel like the ultimate rock star.

DIY Guitar Pick Puncher

diy guitar pick punch

The ultimate guitarist designs his own picks and it doesn’t even matter what material they’d like to use. Pick punch could create 351 Shape Guitar Picks and it’s heavy duty with superior front load design. Whoever you’re giving this to is guaranteed to not buy a pick for the rest of their existence.

Make the guitar master the pick puncher via Amazon.

Marshall Guitar Amp Key Holder

marshall guitar amp key holder

This key holder is a thing of beauty. Do you know why? Because we make this ourselves. Shut up and give us your money, then give this to someone who deserves it.

And did we mention that this is on sale right now? Go go go!

Marshall Amp Mini Fridge

marshall amp mini fridge

We believe that every musician (not just guitar players!) should have this wonderful mini fridge from Marshall. It has an arctic blue interior LED light, adjustable front leg, adjustable tempered glass shelves , and is CFC free. It is the ultimate representation of rock and refrigeration.

And we heard you could get up to $50 off from Amazon for this item. What ya waitin’ for?

Skeleton Hand Guitar Holder

skeleton hand guitar holder

Next up is another one of our own creations that we built to bring the rock star out of somebody. This easy to install guitar holder was embedded with a  ¼ inch 20 count steel post and swivels to adjust for most styles of headstocks. We’ve also padded it with felt at the base to prevent the wall where it will be installed from damage.

Make somebody the ultimate guitar reaper with this grip reaper now.

Guitar Playing Shirt

self playing guitar shirt

It’s such a common sight that people are playing an imaginary guitar using their shirts. It’s time to bring that dream into reality with this innovative guitar shirt. The electronic components could be easily removed from the shirt for washing which saves you from worrying if laundry work would ruin it, and no pick is required to play it. To make things better, it comes with a mini amplifier that actually works!

The guys from ThinkGeek will make someone else a guitar legend in no time.

Automatic Guitar Tuner

automatic guitar tuner

We don’t want to see a guitar hero struggling with their instrument’s fine, dandy tuning. Roadie’s automatic guitar tuner saves them from the trouble of having to go back and forth with having a guitar set up, as it tunes 6-7-12 string guitars, ukulele, banjo with standard guitar pegs with relative ease. All they have to do is connect Roadie to the peg of their instrument, strum the string and watch it tune in seconds. Tata~

Relieve the guitar hero from tuning duties by getting this from Amazon today.


Guitar Cheese Grater

guitar cheese grater

How hardcore could we get with guitar love? Well, just as cheesy as we could get for the love it. This is the perfect gift for the music lover who also has tons of love for cheese. It’s also dishwasher safe because it’s made of stainless steel.

Make the great one grate via Amazon.


World’s Okayest Guitar Player Tee

worlds okayest guitar player tee

We can’t realistically say someone is too good with the guitar, knowing that all the names we rattled off above have already existed (or still exists!) so we’ll let them settle for the next best title available. This unisex shirt will give your loved one the ultimate feels that they are pretty much… an OK player.

Giving is better than lying so get this from Amazon now.

Guitar Doorbell

Are you wondering if this guitar doorbell will play an actual hymn when someone opens your door? Oh you bet it will. If you’re wondering how it works,  this is how: a plectrum fixed to a flexible spring mounts to an inward-swinging door, such that when the door is opened or closed, the plectrum sweeps across the strings to play a chord. Sounds complicated? We’ll make it simple for you.

How? Get one from Hammacher to find out!

Acoustic Guitar House Key

acoustic guitar key

Remember those Star Wars Lightsaber keys from last time? This one works just the same. Except that you’re supposed to give that to a Jedi, and you’re going to give this one to a guitar Gakusei (time to Google!). This works well with common Kwikset locks and can be cut on most regular key machines. Definitely a perfect gift for someone with utmost love for music.

The key to a rockstar’s heart is always a guitar. Amazon is loaded with tons of it.

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