Top 10 Dinosaur Products That Aren’t Extinct Yet

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Top 10 Dinosaur Products That Aren’t Extinct Yet – Call Chris Pratt and his gang. We’ve got a problem here.We know that dinosaurs have been wiped away from the face of our planet a million years back so we’re here to commemorate the bane of their existence by sharing with you a list of products that would remind you of Barney’s friends and relatives.


Disappearing Dinosaur Mug

disappearing dinosaur mugNow you see them, now they’re bones. We’ve made this mug to empower humanity’s chances against these creatures if ever they resurface on earth once more. Just by adding hot water to your mug, the threat from these dinosaurs are eradicated instantly as they become mere remnants of what they used to be. Being a dino killer has never been this easy.

We know you hate dinosaurs so just shut up and we’ll take your money.

Dinosaur Planters

Meet Mac the T-Rex, George the planted Brachiosaurus, Andy the Triceratops, and Sophie the Apathosaurus. Did you have a hard time reading their names? So did we. But don’t worry because you wouldn’t have a hard time getting accustomed to having them around. These handmade dinosaur replicas comes with succulents to make life as green as possible for everyone.

Let these creative beasts be a part of your home by getting them from Etsy.

Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

inflatable dinosaur costume We love making fun of people (our friends or family, actually) and we thought you’d like to do the same from time to time. If you’ve also dreamed of becoming a T-Rex in your life, it’s about time that you get these inflatable dinosaur costume. It’s comes with a built-in fan so you don’t burn inside while wearing it or else you’d look like an agitated dinosaur who has internal issues.

Live the dream and be the terror of the party by getting this from Amazon.

Your Stick Family Was Delicious Decal

your stick family was delicious trex car decal

We’re sick and tired of seeing those stick figure decals at the back of these cars when we’re at a stoplight. It’s time for you to break the norm by getting this human-munching decal up and about. It’s 8.5 inches in length x 5.5 inches in height so it’s pretty easy to see if people are paying attention. Just let them know how irritating they are.

Let the rage begin. Amazon will be glad to supply you with this.

3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

If you’ve imagined dinosaurs eating you, this is your gateway to turning things around. Create your own home-baked Jurassic Park with these 3D dinosaur cookie cutters. At your disposal will be four raptors species: Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and the dreaded T-Rex. Bake them to perfection then eat them mercilessly just as how you imagine they would have done it.

Baked dinos, anyone? Amazon is the key to the onslaught.

T-Rex Shower Head

t-rex shower head

Did your shower time just turned Jurassic? This product was patterned after a real tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur’s skull head (seriously, did they really exist?) to give your bathroom that fierce look if someone’s about to take a shower in it. It’s easy to install and will definitely inspire you to shower a lot whenever you see it.

Because you have to be fierce while taking a shower, Amazon is here to sell you this product.

T-Rex Toilet Paper Holder

We know they have been ridiculed for having short hands so we’d like to give this T-Rex some recognition (use). Another handmade item that makes the T-rex look and feel as real as it could get. Perfectly designed to decorate your bathroom with and is something that both young and old will appreciate.

Etsy would love to give these homeless dinos a home in your loo.

Dinosaur Head Lunch Box

dinosaur head lunch box

Whoever said that the T-Rex is strictly a carnivore?

As you can clearly see in the picture, it isn’t. This sturdy dino lunch box could fit all of your munching needs and is supported by a gripping carry handle that would make you feel really secured.

This is another one of our favorite products here at SUATMM that you should be getting by now.


nachosaurusThe name pretty much tells you everything that you have to know about this beautiful creation. Nachosaurus is your snack buddy that’s modeled after a Stegosaurus dinosaur, a known dino specie that feeds on plants. You’re safe and sound from being eaten by this kawaii dino but we can’t say the same for your salsa. Proceed with caution.

Snack times are fun times with raptors care of Amazon.

The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

Afraid of gnomes? You shouldn’t be because you should be more wary of that big dinosaur that’s munching on them. This garden ornament has all the makings of a great garden accessory to keep everybody entertained and scared at the same time. A must-have if you love dinos and hate gnomes.

Amazon would be glad to fulfill your gnome-whacking fantasies today.

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