The Retro Game 350 Is One Of The Best Emulators Around

retro game 350 suatmm

The retro gaming world is forever evolving, more and more games are becoming ”retro” by the day. Along with this comes the demand for even more games on the go. That’s where the Retro Game 350M comes into the picture.

For those new to handheld emulators, think of them as Gameboys on steroids that have the ability to play your classic Playstation 1, Gameboy, SNES, NES and even Mega Drive games, on the go.

retro game 350


You can have hundreds, if not thousands of old school retro games, directly in your pocket.


The Retro Game 350 is rated by Retro Dodo as one of the best retro handhelds on the market, and is perfect for those wanting a portable handheld, built with premium materials and has powerful specifications.

retro gaming


At only $75.99, this is a handheld for those that want full control of their ROMs, with four shoulder buttons, two analogue sticks, a large 2500mah battery and a 3.5” ISP display, this is hands down the best way to play your retro games on a handheld.


If you want something with a bit more “beef” then the RG350M is an upgraded version, with a different button layout and an aluminium shell. In all honesty, if Nintendo slapped their logo on this, we’d believe them.


You can buy one here.

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