Skull Charcoal

Skull Charcoal –  a unique piece of charcoal art that will give your fire’s atmosphere just a little more bad-ass than it would have otherwise.

Skull Charcoal has gone viral on Facebook, generating a ton of buzz and excitement. The reason why is clear – Skull Charcoal is every pitmasters dream come true. People also want to take the already-thrilling campfire pastime and knock it up a notch, taking the fine craft of lighting and maintaining a fire to new heights. While you may start off a fire with some ordinary charcoals, you can imbue it with all the spooky wonder of a skull later on.

More people across the world are realizing once again that cooking meat on coals is best way to have a BBQ. Our Charskulls are made with food grade adhesive so that they’re safe for your food. Simply add a few to your normal briquettes and watch how these Charskulls transform your fire.

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