Shark Fart Prank Gift Boxes

Shark Fart Prank Gift Boxes – A revolutionary prank so screwed up, your friends will never talk to you again!

How it works?

Prey on your friends’ deepest, darkest fears!

Nothing is more satisfying than publicly humiliating the ones you love. And the ones you absolutely can’t stand. Do you have a friend who’s been grinding your gears for years? Or maybe an ex who deserves the axe? How about a cheeky uncle who needs to be put in his place? Enter Shark Fart: your one-stop prank shop. We’ve taken sweet, sweet revenge to the next level with our hilarious, humiliating, and absolutely devastating prank gift boxes. Order one for your target, and you’ll have the last, longest, and loudest laugh.


Check out these designs!

Warning: All boxes are empty and do not contain an actual product; just a lot of laughs!

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