Over 9000 Of The Best Dragon Ball Z Products Money Can Buy!


Over 9000 of the best Dragon Ball Z products money can buy! We’re kidding — there are just 10 items here.


 Dragon Ball Z Hoodie


Have you ever dreamed of becoming Master Roshi’s disciple just like Goku? That dream has to start here. This hoodie is an officially licensed Dragon Ball Z product that is very popular among all fans of the show. Definitely a must have!

And all you have to do is order one now from Amazon.

Dragon Ball Z Scouter


“It’s over 9000!!!”

We’d like to believe that even non-Dragon Ball Z fans should know where that line came from. This incredibly accurate version of the Scouter is used to measure power levels, communicate, find Dragon Balls, and so much more while making that cool beeping noise from the show itself! If you’re wondering if this is the one that you’ve seen from Comic Con then you’re pretty much spot on.

Don’t worry because the price won’t go beyond 9,000 from Amazon


Dragon Ball Soap

dragon-ball-soap (1)

We know that there are 7 Dragon Balls in existence and we’d like you to begin your collection with number 4. This soap resembles one of the balls from the show and is made from the following ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerin (kosher, of vegetable origin), Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide (saponifying agent), Sorbitol (moisturizer), Sorbitan Oleate (emulsifier), Soy Bean Protein (conditioner), Titanium Dioxide (mineral whitener used in opaque soaps), Fragrance, and color.

 Basically, it’s just an awesome soap that could help you grant your wishes so get this from us now.


Goku & ChiChi Wedding Cake Toppers

dbz-wedding-topper (1)

Even the most powerful Saiyan in the world could be stifled by a strong woman.

That might not be the case for us gentlemen who wants to be treated like the strongest Saiyan in all of existence. We all need that ChiChi in our lives and these action figures should pretty much tell the whole story of how much we love our ladies. Of course, the same can be said about the lovely ladies who sees their guys as the strongest Saiyan, kame hame wave capable or not.

Because every successful Saiyan is a hot-headed woman. Amazon should be glad to provide you with these.



Dragon Ball Z Goku Cosplay Shirt

Everybody wants to be like Goku. Why wouldn’t we? He’s strong, kind-hearted, resilient, and silly in a very good way. Don’t you know that you could be like Goku for a day? Or maybe forever for as long as you’re wearing this cosplay shirt. It’s made of cotton blend fabric and is machine washable to keep you comfy and happy while you portray the ultimate Saiyan.

Time to get your Saiyan gear from Etsy.


Vegeta Starbucks Mug 


“I am the real prince of all Saiyans!!!”

We know, Vegeta, we know. As well-documented as the sibling rivalry between Vegeta and Goku is the coolness of Starbucks-inspired parody coffee mug. It’s not an officially licensed product and is made to order to fit up to 11 Oz of drinks that you want to keep yourself indulged in. You could clearly see Vegeta on both sides of the mug to remind you of how awesome you could be.. even if you’re playing second fiddle to some other Goku guy.

There’s nothing wrong about being second if you’re the warrior prince from Etsy. We’re pretty sure they have other mugs there too.

via etsy.com


Potara Style Earrings

Nothing beats those bad ass earrings that Black Goku and Zamasu is wearing on Dragon Ball Z Super. This replica is made of glass and should come to you in handy just like how it appears in the show. Just note that this is a made to order item so make sure you’re ready to wait. Looking strong can always wait anyway.

Our friends from Etsy are waiting for you to order these cool earrings.


We love games here at Shut Up and Take My Money and one of our all-time faves is the beloved Uno game. This Dragon Ball Z inspired rendition comes in Japanese language to give you that feel of how to act like you’re from Japan even though you’re only trying to play with numbers… because it’s always cool to be different. Don’t worry about the rules — not one bit has changed. It’s just the language.

Ichi! Amazon is your gateway to learning Japanese (we’re kidding) and possession of this awesome game.

Unisex Dragon Ball Z Goku Tee

This tee is so neat Goku could barely clench his teeth. If you’re an ultimate fan of Goku, this polyester and cotton-made shirt is guaranteed to give you that neat, breathable, super soft, and comfortable feeling while you’re wearing this. Enjoy the digitally printed and well-detailed design that depicts the different sides of Goku throughout the show’s existence. Kinki dama!!!

We’d love to have this shirt and so should you. Amazon is just waiting for us to order already.

Dragon Ball Z Bookbag

“Is that Goku right there?”

This is the impression that we’d like to get from people who would see you wearing this bag. Made from super high-quality durable Polyester fabric (because you’re a super Saiyan), this bag was designed to show them the hardcore anime fan in you. Just make sure that you check the product specifications before buying it!

Everything else that you need to know about this bag in Amazon. Go get it now!

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