Automatic Guitar Tuner

automatic guitar tunerGive your brodie this wonderful Roadie!

automatic guitar tuner

We don’t want to see a guitar hero struggling with their instrument’s fine, dandy tuning. Roadie’s automatic guitar tuner saves them from the trouble of having to go back and forth with having a guitar set up, as it tunes 6-7-12 string guitars, ukulele, banjo with standard guitar pegs with relative ease. With 8 pre-set alternate tunings for guitars and ability to create custom tuning, you could customize your guitar strings in 1 cents increment without going through much trouble.

Plug-in your electric guitar to the app using the accompanying adaptor and tune in noisy environments without having to worry if you’re getting the right tune. Roadie’s got everything covered for you.

Get this from Amazon today when you’re ready.

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