Adjustable Pet Rocking Chair

Adjustable Pet Rocking Chair – This Pet Lounge Chair is perfect for any pet owner who loves to see their pets chilling!

* Perfect design with height adjustments: 4 kinds of height mode adjustments, intimate design, different angles for sleeping, playing, entertainment storage and other needs; an added position that folds the pet rocker chair flat allowing for effortless storage and transport.

* DURABLE DESIGN: The machine-washable seat cover is made from polyester mesh, which is delicate and soft, breathable and comfortable. Well-built frame helps the pet bed stable and safely elevated for your dog to rest easy on-Durable sleeping surface supports your pets comfortably and resists rips from claws.

* V-shaped Bracket Design: The pet folding bed adopts a V-shaped bracket design, It can carry better weight and is more durable. This elevated net-shaped pet chair can be used as a lounge chair for your dogs in the hot summer.

* Foldable design: pet shaker It can be folded into a flat shape for easy storage and carrying.
The size when folded: 88x40x11cm (34*16*4in), the size after unfolding: 72x40x60cm (28*15*23in)

* Easy installation: After receiving the pet shaker, you only need to put on the net cloth.

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